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Customized Portfolio Management

At Doliver, we utilize a combination of investments across various public securities and private equity to provide market exposure based on each investor’s unique needs and preferences.

Private Equity and Alternative Investment Strategies

Doliver has developed strategic relationships with private equity partners to provide our clients access to both private opportunities and alternative investments that we believe can produce relatively higher income opportunities and offer diversification from public markets. 

  • Doliver Income Fund I
  • Doliver Private Opportunity Fund I (Closed)
  • Doliver Private Opportunity Fund II
  • Direct Investments

Focused Growth Strategy

The Focused Growth Strategy seeks to buy high quality companies in attractive industries with a focus on long-term, secular growth opportunities greater than the broader market. As a general guideline, the Doliver Focused Growth strategy seeks to invest in companies that are:

  • Disrupting existing and sometimes sluggish business models
  • Businesses with network characteristics that are very difficult if not impossible to replicate
  • Businesses with predictable and recurring revenue streams

Closed End Fund Strategy

The Closed End Fund Strategy is Doliver’s first and longest-running investment strategy. The Doliver Core Program blends Closed-End Funds (CEFs) with market-based index ETFs to provide diversified US equity exposure.

Absolute Return Strategy

The Doliver Absolute Return Strategy offers clients a path to long-term wealth growth and preservation, integral to building generational wealth. It incorporates time-tested hedge fund techniques to deliver stable, absolute returns, independent of market benchmarks. This strategy thrives in various market conditions, aiming for consistent yearly returns, regardless of bull or bear trends. Our Absolute Return Strategy has a track record of continuous positive returns over half a decade, without any negative years.

Futures Alpha Strategy

The Doliver Futures Alpha Strategy offers our clients a way to actively engage in the futures and commodities markets, aiming for high, uncorrelated returns. This approach combines advanced quantitative tools, expert discretionary methods, and proven hedge fund strategies. It works by leveraging the non-leveraged hedging component of the Doliver Absolute Return Strategy to maximize trading opportunities among futures and commodities markets.

US Microcap Strategy

The US Microcap Strategy primarily invests in companies with market capitalizations of less than $1.5 billion with outstanding long-term growth potential. We look for the following types of companies:

  • High growth: companies with minimum annual earnings growth of 20%
  • Core growth: high quality, stable growing companies
  • Fallen angels: growth companies that have suffered a temporary setback

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