Wealth Management

Doliver Wealth Management Group

Scott Jackson leads Doliver’s Wealth Management Group. Scott received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and earned his MBA from the University of Houston. He has over fifteen years of industry experience in areas of wealth management, portfolio management, trading and analysis. Scott holds the Series 65 Securities license.  Scott leads a team of those passionate about developing personal relationships, running a “family office” type environment, and building customized portfolios for each client.  The team focuses on building and protecting clients’ estates.  Scott, along with Charley Ward, our Chief Operating Officer and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), create a customized portfolio of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments, taking into consideration tax efficiency, market correlation, and asset allocation.


Wealth Management

For thirty years, Doliver has managed capital for individuals, corporations, trusts, and IRAs. And, we have done that very well, achieving an average annual return of 9.9% since inception.  The world is very different today than it was in 1988.  There is real uncertainty in the economy and in the various markets.  The importance and complexities of wealth preservation and growth increase daily, especially in the climate of our world today.  Many clients have asked that we expand our service to them, to examine the complete picture, and help them manage and protect whatever wealth they have.  Thus, the creation of the Wealth Management Group.




Each client receives personalized investment guidance based on unique financial needs, risk tolerance, return objective, age, family relationships, and market exposure. Our software enables us to aggregate all of a client’s accounts into one location for ease of access and an overview of all their holdings.

The Wealth Management Group provides on-going monitoring of client account performance and are very experienced in managing and reducing risk. Scott is an avid researcher and analyst; he stays abreast of market trends and projections. Charley, having almost fifteen years of experience at three of the largest investment advisors in the country, truly understands investment allocation and risk management.  Together, they can provide guidance on how clients can reduce liabilities, other expenses, and manage their financial affairs.




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