Business Continuity Plan

Doliver has developed a Disaster Recovery Plan in order to respond appropriately to unforeseen circumstances that may lead to disruption of services. Disruptive events may be internal; such as, a fire in the building or loss of electricity.  These events may also be external; such as, a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.  Depending on the nature of the event, the level of impact may range from minimal to severe.

Following a disruptive event, Doliver’s management team will identify the degree of impact, provide financial and operational assessment and take appropriate actions for recovery.  Doliver will provide reasonable continued service to our clients and protection of their assets.  Doliver will seek to recover business operations as quickly as possible given the scope of the disruptive event.


Alternative Location

In the event our office at 6363 Woodway Dr. Suite 963, Houston, TX is inaccessible or inoperable, due to a significant event, Doliver will ensure the safety of employees, protect the firm’s records and work to restore business operations as quickly as it is appropriate to do so. Doliver will also post a notification on our website ( or by voicemail on our phone number (713-917-0022) to inform clients of the status of recovery efforts.  Firm management will access systems remotely via internet connections at a backup location.


Backups and Service Continuity

Doliver has contracted with an information technology firm to provide normal daily and emergency IT services.  All information in shared directories on the server is backed up offsite nightly via an internet connection.  The restoration of this backup to a computer is periodically tested.


Emergency Contact

Please contact us with any questions/concerns you have via telephone (713-917-0022 or 713-503-3022).  You may also access our website ( for recovery notifications and to email personnel.

In the event, you are unable to reach us through the above communication channels, please contact your brokerage/custodian firm; their contact information is listed on the periodic statements sent to you by your custodian/brokerage firm.