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Doliver Capital Advisors has been managing client wealth for over 28 years. Built on a commitment to wealth preservation and long-term growth, Doliver's risk has been generally lower than the overall market.

Doliver's core strategy is focused in the closed-end fund niche. We employ a proprietary investment strategy and manage over 136 million dollars in assets.

Built on Wise Investing

Our Priorities

Our commitment is to our clients. We invest our personal capital alongside that of our clients as we completely believe in our investment strategies.

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Our Philosophy

Doliver is committed to safeguarding wealth and growing performance over the long-term. Thanks to innovative investing, lower risk, and disciplined approach, we have done just that since 1988.

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Our Performance

Our focus is on wealth preservation and growth, while maintaining a low correlation to market volatility.

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Our Persona

Want to know what we're all about? Doliver Capital believes in a personal touch and a cowboy code of honesty, hard work, and true grit.

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Doliver's History

Skip McBride and Ronald Olin founded what became Doliver in 1988.  Doliver has maintained its priority on growing steady returns through wise investing. Ron’s highly technical background from directing programming systems for the Apollo Space program at NASA, his life-long vocational interest of investment theory and movement of financial markets, and his involvement in activism paved the way for Doliver’s exceptional growth in the early years. Our steady returns are built on a lower-risk approach.

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